Missionaries Speak At Pyerian Baptist Church

By Dr. James Orr
On January 10 during the evening service, Pyerian Baptist Church hosted Missionaries Brady and Sarah Van Winkle.
The Van Winkles are currently serving in Izmir, Turkey. Izmir is a coastal city in Western Turkey on the Aegean Sea.
The Van Winkles have been back in the States for the last few months to see family and renew their Visas to continue their work in Turkey.

For the last two years they have been going to language school and building relationships with the local residents. Brady shared how he would go into various shops to speak with the shop owners and practice his Turkish. Mustafa is one of those that he has built a relationship with, even meeting Mustafa’s imam or Muslim religious teacher. Mustafa is in his seventies and works in a local butcher shop.

While at the church Brady preached a message form Luke 16 and reminded the congregation that the souls in hell are calling out for someone to go and share the good news of Jesus Christ with those still living here on earth. He and Sarah also shared their desire to return to Izmir with the plan and hope of opening a local church in an area that is over 98 percent Muslim.
Sarah and Brady enjoyed dinner afterwards at Del Sol Mexican restaurant in Dillon as guest of Pastor and Cindy Orr. The shared that Mexican food is a rare treat in Turkey and they thoroughly enjoyed their second trip to Dillon. That night they drove back to Alpharetta, GA.
They return to Turkey Feb. 3rd. Please pray for their work and safe travel.