NETC To Offer New Religious Studies Program

Beginning Spring 2021, Northeastern Technical College (NETC) will offer a new Religious Studies Program, the first of its kind in the state. The program will explore the nature of religious beliefs and traditions combined with business principles to help students build and manage ministries effectively.
Is the church a ministry or a business? For churches to be successful in today’s climate, its leaders must process a combination of skills that address aspects of both the ministry and business sides of church operations. Students enrolled in the Religious Studies Program will discover how religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions worldwide have influenced cultures. They will also take courses that help them navigate budgeting, marketing, and management, all critical elements of running a successful organization.
Using stackable credentials, students will earn certificates that lead to an associate degree in General Technology: Religious Studies. The Associate Degree provides students with the background and skills needed to understand, manage, and advance in a pastoral occupation and other professions that enact positive change.
The program is not only for Pastors or Ministers. The Religious Studies Program is for anyone curious about religion. Upon completion, graduates can start careers as educators, evangelists, mission coordinators, ministry leaders, non-profit workers, and pastors. The program will not embrace or promote any specific faith, religion, or creed, so it’s open to everyone.
I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat. Before you preach to someone, you should tend to their needs first. Students can earn certificates in other academic programs at NETC while pursuing their Religious Studies degree. Learning construction, welding, daycare, and allied health sciences prepare students to serve communities locally and abroad. Students will learn trades so they can offer services to the communities they serve. Developing workforce skills are beneficial when applying to do mission work in other countries.
“As a Pastor who has participated in a few mission trips, I am excited about the doors this program will open for religious leaders in our community,” said Darin Coleman, NETC Dean of Student Engagement. “Helping communities that are less privileged opens your eyes and heart to what it means to be a true servant leader.”
Northeastern Technical College prepares the workforce of Chesterfield, Marlboro, and Dillon counties through education and training. For more information on how to enroll in the Religious Studies Program, call (800) 921-7399 or visit

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