Senate Report: A Holiday Season Unlike Any Other

​This holiday season is unlike any other. As 2020 limps to close, many of us are preparing for the upcoming holiday season. It is important to remember to celebrate and enjoy the holidays differently. A few months before Thanksgiving, the Centers for Disease Control urged us not to travel and avoid large gatherings. Unfortunately, the same amount or more people traveled to spend the holiday with family and friends. As a result, the number of people infected with Coronavirus has increased across the various parts of the country and state.
​Once again, the CDC has recommended that we not travel and limit contact. AAA expects, “as many as, 84.5 million Americans may still travel from December 23 through January 3, a decline in travel of at least 29%.” COVID-19 does not mean we cannot celebrate and enjoy this holiday season. We can celebrate and enjoy the season but this holiday season will be different! To be safe, it is important that we pay attention to the CDC’s website as well as local guidelines for current COVID information.
​The CDC advises us to avoid crowded indoor Christmas and New Year’s Eve gatherings. If you are hosting a party, limit the number of guests to minimize the risk of exposure to you and your guests. Small intimate gathering are oftentimes more enjoyable. The fewer people the better it is for everyone! In addition to the number of guests attending, consider from where they are traveling. Arrange tables and chairs to allow for social distancing. Be certain to wear a mask and provide masks for your guests.
​As we move through this holiday season into a new – better year, I wish you and your loved ones peace during this difficult time. Connect with family and friends especially if it cannot be in person.
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​You may also email me at [email protected] As always, I also want to supply you with my business phone number so that you will able to reach me easily at any time. My business phone is (843) 423-3904. Please use this information to write, call or email me with your suggestions and concerns regarding issues before the Senate and in our community.