PHOTO GALLERY: Latta Hosts Track Meet

Latta High School hosted the 2020 AA Region 7 Cross Country Championship on Tuesday, October 27.
The competing high schools represented were Andrews, Latta, Marion and Mullins. In the girls competition, only Latta was able to field a complete 5 runner team and accumulated a score of 20 points to win the girls meet.
The Latta boys also finished atop their team competition with 29 points. Following the Viking boys in a close race for second were Marion (56 points) and Andrews (57 points). The individual results for the AA Region 7 races are as follows.

1. Scott Roach-Andrews-20:03
2. Zachary Peacock-Latta-21:30
3. Thomas Rankin-Mullins-21:42
4. Blake Hamilton-Latta-22:02
5. AJ Lester-Marion-22:11
6. Shane Anderson-Latta-22:11.5
7. Hayden Bullard-Latta-22:45
8. Grayson Hartson-Marion-22:59
9. Dayton Maglich-Andrews- 23:01
10. Cristian Hamilton-Latta- 24:52
11. John Gasque-Latta-27:17
12. Joshua Arzola-Marion-27:23
13. Tyshawn Johnson-Andrews-27:43
14. Jacobie Narciso-Marion- 27:53
15. Jacob Roberts-Latta-28:28
16. Khamani Scott-Andrews-29:41
17. Koulston Hartson-Marion-31:41
18. Benjy Hernandez-Andrews-32:10

1. Kaylie Johnson-Marion-24:50
2. Moya McDuffie-Latta-27:53
3. Katelynn Roberts-Latta-27:56
4. Tori Watson-Latta-27:59
5. Isabella Freudenburg-Latta-28:39
6. Cassidi Skipper-Latta-29:40
7. Ashley Arzola-Marion-32:14
8. Lea Khalil-Latta-32:58
9. Alexis Taylor-Andrews-33:22
10. Autumn Moore-Andrews-50:29

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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