Dillon Man Showcases Woodworking Skills With Pandemic Project (with photo gallery)

By Betsy Finklea
A Dillon man has recently completed his pandemic project, which showcases his woodworking expertise.
Gerald Powell took only 80 hours to build two guitars – a Telecaster and a Les Paul, Jr.
Powell has interest in guitars because from 1963 until 1969, he was in a rock-and-roll band called The Mersey Beats with Dickie Brumbles on bass’ Gerald’s brother, Ronald, on guitar; and Albert Daniels as the drummer. He said they played in several places, some of which were tougher places than others. Locations ranged from schools to bars. Alter his days in the rock-and-roll band, Powell was in a gospel group, where he played Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for nine years. He said he hoped they impacted some people and brought them to the Lord. He has also installed numerous sound systems in various churches, etc. The two guitars he built will be added to his guitar collection. The guitars work, and Powell said they sound great. He has been playing guitar for 53 years.
Powell has been woodworking for 50 years. He learned his craft from his grandfather, who did carpentry; and he noted that his Lord and Savior was a carpenter. Powell makes all sorts of things including cabinets, furniture of all kinds, clocks, coffins, and much more. Like most master craftsmen, Powell’s work shows the highest level of skill and quality, but he is very humble about his work. “The Lord has blessed me,” Powell said. It is certainly exemplified in his wood work and his work for the Lord.

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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