Virtual Term Of General Sessions Court Held

As the criminal justice system across the state and the country continue to adapt its functions through the COVID-19 pandemic, Dillon County held a virtual term of General Sessions Court last week, with Judge Roger Henderson presiding.
Since jury trials have yet to resume in most of the state, this term of court was one in which only guilty pleas and related matters were heard.
Approximately 120 defendants’ cases were heard over four days with more than 200 indictments disposed, likely a Dillon record for the most ever moved in one term of court.
“This was an extremely productive week in terms of cases moved, and cases moved means justice for victims and defendants alike,” said Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel.
Among those defendants receiving significant prison sentences are: Frederick Sellers (probation violation), Burke Lovette, Jr. (breaking into motor vehicles), Raekwon Floyd (burglary, robbery), Marion Faulk (breaking into motor vehicles), Joseph Sellers (domestic violence), Antwyon Bethea (shoplifting enhancement), Avery McLellan (peeping Tom) and Marcus Locklear (first degree assault and battery). Locklear admitted to cutting his girlfriend in August of 2020. He received a six-year sentence.
Among those defendants placed on probation are: Cordarius Cozart (weapons), Kenneth Brumbles (weapons), Kendre McFadden (breaking into motor vehicles), Travis Bethea (weapons), Khara Gibson (resisting arrest), Shelby Manning (DUI, DUS), Kiley Bethea (breach of peace), Rakeem Fletcher (breach of peace), Christy Gearheart (breach of peace), Ricky Caulder (breach of peace) and Davey Earl Jones (malicious injury to property).
The large majority of pleas were cases involving minor charges where Judge Henderson sentenced defendants to a fine or to time already served in jail.
Among those are: Jessie Campbell (drugs), Clifton Benjamin (shoplifting), Serria Williamson (trespassing), Nathan Williams (trespassing), Quazay Pearson (breach of peace), Allen Reed (DUS), Clint Hunt (drugs), Dorothy Foley Smith (drugs), Anthony Strong (drugs), Marcus Davis (drugs), Anthony James (filing a false report) and Johnathan Lovette (drugs).