Tornado Confirmed

The tornado on Sunday has been confirmed by the National Weather Service.
The tornado was classified as an EF1. The starting location was 4.4 miles northwest of Latta. The ending location was 4.1 miles northwest of Latta. The maximum width is 40 yards. The path length was 0.5 miles.
According to the National Weather Service (, “At 3:20 p.m., a tornado developed just west of Interstate 95 in Dillon County, SC, just south of mile marker 184. This is about 4.4 miles northwest of the town of Latta. Snapped pine trees, a damaged billboard, and a destroyed shed marked the beginning of the tornado’s track. Based on observed damage wind speeds are estimated to have ranged from 95 to 104 miles per hour at this point. About one-quarter of a mile to the northeast, the underpinning of a trailer was damaged and metal roofing was blown off a home. The tornado then crossed Interstate 95 near the Catfish Church Road overpass, miraculously injuring no one along this very busy highway. Video widely shared on social media showed metal debris flying across the interstate as the tornado stopped traffic. After emerging on the east side of Interstate 95, the tornado continued moving northeastward for approximately one-quarter mile, snapping trees as it entered a forested area around 3:21 pm. Based on the size and type of trees destroyed, wind speeds of 100 to 104 miles per hour are estimated here.”