A Job Well Done

If you haven’t taken a ride at night down Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Dillon since the city has had the lights and sidewalk installed, then you have missed out on one of the major improvements in the City of Dillon.
The once dark street, sometimes pitch black in places, is now one of the best lit streets in Dillon.
This will vastly improve the safety of pedestrians and drivers who use the area after dark.
It’s a huge improvement, and one that should be noted. We should also recognize Councilman James “Bobie” Washington, who has pushed for many years to get this project moving and completed; former City of Dillon Downtown Development Director Bridget Thornton, who helped secure the grant; and, of course, City Manager Glen Wagner and the city council, who saw the need as well and took positive action to make this project a reality. This is a job well done!