Update Given On Latta Library Renovation Progress

Editor’s Note: The Latta Library Renovation Committee is making progress, and we recently requested an update. Here is the update on the Latta Library.

Submitted by The Latta Library Renovation Committee
On January 28, 2020, the Dillon County Library Board of Trustees voted to form an advisory committee of concerned citizens to assist with the renovation of the Latta Library. The library trustees had previously voted to follow the expressed desires of the majority of the citizens of Latta and to adhere to the directives of Dr. Frank McMillan’s will to renovate the historic Latta Library, rather than construct a new building elsewhere. The volunteers who agreed to serve on the Latta Library Renovation Committee are: Fred Ellis, LaFon LeGette, Dorothy Bethea, Harold Kornblut, DeWitt Coleman, Gayle Coleman, Vickie Graham, Tommy Stephens, and Yolanda McCormick. The newly formed Latta Library Renovation Committee met on February 18, 2020. The following officers were elected: Fred Ellis, President; LaFon LeGette, Vice President; Dorothy Bethea, Recording Secretary; and Harold Kornblut, Financial Chairman.
The committee mapped out the necessary steps to be followed to begin the renovation. In the months following, the committee met numerous times in person and after the virus imposed restrictions, through teleconferencing. Their goal is to move forward with the renovation project. As these plans are being developed, guidelines from the state library are being met and followed.
The committee has been in consultation with the representatives of Dr. McMillan’s trust fund. After several architect interviews, Danny Shelley, a Latta native, was selected as the architect for this project. His nomination was voted on and approved by the committee, Dillon County Library Board of Trustees, and the Dillon County Council.
After much diligence, a copy of the only deed for the Latta Library lot was obtained by Mr. LeGette. This deed is dated December 13, 1913, and was deeded to the Latta Library Association by Mr. C. F. Bass. The committee worked to outline the library’s need through the development of a comprehensive and lengthy Library Building Plan. The building plan will be used to ensure that the citizens of Latta receive the best library possible. The library’s lot is being surveyed, and the committee is in the process of obtaining options for adjoining land. The Latta Library Renovation Committee continues to make much progress toward realizing the dream of Dr. Frank McMillan and the hopes of the citizens of Latta. The Town needs to have a state of the art library for children in this area. Our goal is that our one-hundred-year-old library will serve the community for another hundred years.