Williams Making History As New Chief Magistrate

By Betsy Finklea
Lutherine Williams has been named Chief Magistrate in Dillon County becoming the first African-American and the first female to hold the position of chief.

Williams has been a magistrate for five years.
In her role as magistrate, Williams said she is fulfilling her civic duty as a citizen of Dillon County and doing the best she can.
“I enjoy what I do,” said Williams. She said she is a team worker and can work well with anyone.
Williams said she believes in everyone being treated equally and fairly. She stands for what is right.
As chief magistrate, Williams has a number of duties including coordinating with S.C. Court Administration “on all matters pertaining to summary court judges in the county,” coordinating the activities of the summary court judges of the county with other affected personas and/or agencies to ensure cooperation and effective judicial services,” establishes a schedule with other magistrates to make sure a magistrate will be available to issue warrants and conduct bail proceedings, sets terms of court, establishes various procedures, coordinates the planning of budgets, and much more.
Williams is an alumna of Coker University, where she graduate magna cum laude with a double major in criminal justice and sociology. She is an alumna of Webster University, where she graduated with honors with her master’s degree in counseling. She serves as an associate pastor at St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church in Latta, where Dr. William J. Walker is pastor.