A Hilarious True Story Stranger Than Fiction

Occasionally in my weekly column, I veer from the routine of presenting and giving my honest opinion on issues and matters that I consider relevant to the general well-being of the people of this locale and beyond. I am always amazed and appreciative to get a response from people who live here in Dillon County, as well as many others who either read my column through the Dillon Herald’s website or as out-of -town subscribers. Due to no credit of my own, the Herald has become an international newspaper that is now read by many in Europe, Africa, and India who get both inspiration and encouragement by my articles on the Herald’s website. One particular article went viral entitled, “Gucci Grace” that literally thousands read throughout Africa, Europe, America, and Canada. I was told that due to the immense response, it nearly shut down the page because they thought that some hackers were attempting to sabotage it. When I assured them that was not the case, but that thousands of people who knew me were very interested in the subject and content of my article on that day, they were greatly relieved that their suspicion was unfounded. At this point, I want to present to you a hilarious true short story that is stranger than fiction.

The Day a Grandmother Subdued a Notorious
Wife Beater
It was no secret to many in the neighborhood that Sammy Boy (not his real name) was an immoral man, who as a husband and father both constantly beat on his wife and abused his daughters. His wife’s beating and domestic violence would often be very intense and loud as his poor wife would cry out for mercy and help. It happened on a certain day that Sammy Boy was up to his routine of beating his wife while he was drunk and upset with her about something that was no doubt his fault and excuse to beat her. One of their neighbors, who lived right next door, had an elderly woman (who also lived in the neighborhood) over at their house during this particular day; she heard his wife hollering and crying out for help. This desperate cry for help was not new to the elderly lady, but something she had heard before from Sammy Boy’s wife when he was drunk and on one of his domestic violent rages. Mrs. Helen Rogers (not her real name) was a very spry old lady who had a reputation for not taking any mess or mouth from others. She had raised her children and now was presently raising some of her grandchildren. Two of her grandchildren, who were under her oversight, were boys who she had to keep a strong hand and hold on to keep them in line. They knew and would tell people that their grandmother did not play when it came to discipline. Hearing the cry of Sammy Boy’s wife become louder and more desperate, Mrs. Helen could not hold her peace and told her sister (whose house she was in), “I’m going over there and stop him before he beat that poor child to death!” Her sister responded, “You better watch him, Helen. He’s got a stick in his hand!”
When Mrs. Helen entered the house, Sammy Boy, drunk and with a big dip of snuff in his mouth, met her with words of profanity and an ugly frown on his face. With the stick in his right hand, he motioned to her that she had better get out of his house. Bold and unafraid of his words and threats, she managed to get close enough to him to quickly grab his testicles in his groin and rendered him helpless and docile. Squeezing his private area tightly, she commanded him to drop the stick, which he immediately did. Screaming and pleading with Mrs. Helen to let him go much in the same way as his battered wife had pleaded to him, Mrs. Helen said, “I’ve got you now, Sammy Boy. I’ve got you now!” In almost a taunting tone, Mrs. Helen continued to say, “What are you going to do now, Sammy Boy? What are you going to do now?’ Having been made weak as a kitten, he begged Mrs. Helen to let go of her vice-like grip upon his testicles. However, by now his mouth and tongue were not spewing out venomous profanity and disrespect for this elderly woman who had intervened and rescued his wife. Almost miraculously, Sammy Boy had sobered up and was pleading and begging Mrs. Helen to turn him loose. His once arrogant and loud roar of defiance and meanness that once sounded like a hungry and ferocious lion had been tamed and made to sound like a timid and meek lamb. Now that she had conquered and subdued the raging beast that Sammy Boy had once been before she entered the house, still with her firm grip on his groin area, she led him out of the house, onto the porch and down the steps to the relief and approval of his wife and children. Once she released her grip and control of him, he gladly wobbled away temporarily deprived of his physical strength and permanently stripped of his pride and reputation as a macho man. As far as I can recall, not soon after this incident, his wife got enough courage to take her daughters and leave him. She was able to get their own house where they were no longer victimized by Sammy Boy’s domestic violence and abuse.
Join me again when I will bring to you another true-life story that is stranger than fiction.