Gas Prices Going Down In Carolinas

Gas prices pushed downward three cents at most in the Carolinas, as the liability for prices to change rapidly and unpredictably is deemed low.
“Gasoline demand has been consistent for the last month or so but gasoline stocks have declined,” said Tiffany Wright, AAA spokesperson. “Week by week we are continuing to see pump prices fluctuate based on supply and demand.”
North Carolina was one of three states to see the largest swing at the pump with an average of $2.01 – a three cent decrease on the week, a three cent increase on the month, and 56 cents less than a year ago. South Carolina’s average sits at $1.92 – a two cent decrease on the week, a six cent increase on the month, and 54 cents less than a year ago.
The national average held steady on the week at $2.19 as only 10 states saw pump prices increase by two to four cents. There has been minimal fluctuation as demand also held steady over the last four weeks.
Domestic crude prices fell after domestic crude inventories decreased by 7.5 million bbl to 531.7 million bbl. Decreasing crude stocks could mean that crude production is beginning to meet demand, which could stabilize crude prices this week as COVID-19 outbreaks continue to grow worldwide.
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