Southside-Ashpole Elementary School Holds Parade To Encourage Community

By Taylor Morgan Tilford,
Southside-Ashpole Elementary Art Teacher
This exceptional school in Rowland, North Carolina is continuing to stay positive during COVID-19. Southside-Ashpole Elementary School hosted an End of The Year School parade. This exciting event provided the community with encouragement during this difficult time. Teachers, students, Rowland’s Mayor- Mrs. Michelle Shooter, Dr. Denise Hunt. Dr. Karen Granger and Mrs. Jamie Graham from the University of North Carolina At Pembroke, the NC Sudan Pirates, local Rowland Police Chief and police officers, and School Director, Kenneth Bowen, and some parents and students joined the festive parade to drive around the town to wave to community members.
Since COVID-19, this stellar school has been providing students with virtual learning through Google Classroom. Educators wrote goodbye notes on their cars, along with signs that promoted their students to read during the summer in preparation for the upcoming school year.
Parents and students cheered as the 20 vehicles drove by honking, music blaring, and hanging streamers.
Overall, the End-of-the-Year School Parade had over fifty participants with smiling faces, letting their students and community know they are loved and missed.
Southside-Ashpole continues to improve the community by fostering a positive environment.
This elementary school stands united with the community of Rowland to ensure that our students have the best opportunities of growth and achievement.
A video of the End of Year Parade can be viewed on “SAES PARADE” found on Wacky Walker Videos,YouTube. channel/UCsQBkK-dujmZ8pBHeXvch5Q