Several things are going on right now that are worthy of reminders.
The first is COVID-19, the coronavirus. COVID-19 is far from over. Just because businesses have re-opened doesn’t mean that the disease has gone away. It hasn’t. Now that places are opening back up, numbers are spiking. Part of this is because people are not doing their part to keep themselves and others safe from the disease. Social distancing is still necessary. Handwashing and hand sanitizing is a must as is wearing a mask when going into stores, etc. These things should be done to prevent the spread of the disease, and we all need to do our part.
Another thing that is going on right now is Census 2020. It is very important that every resident fill out the census so that they can be counted. This will have an impact on a number of things including funds that come into the area. The more people who are countded will result in more for this area. If you haven’t filled out your form, go to and complete the form today.
Another important reminder is to get out and vote next Tuesday, June 23rd.
There are run-off elections in the Dillon County Council District One, Dillon County Council District Three, and the Sheriff’s races.
The future of direction of our county is at stake in some of these races so it is important that you make your voice heard.
Take action on all of these items above and encourage others to do the same. We want everyone to be safe, healthy, counted, and informed.