Primary Run-offs Are Tuesday, June 23rd

COLUMBIA, SC (June 17, 2020) – The State Election Commission wants to make sure voters understand the rules for voting in the Primary Runoffs on Tuesday, June 23.
• If you voted on June 9, you are limited to voting in the same party’s runoff.
• If you did NOT vote on June 9, you can choose to vote in either party’s runoff.
• Many voters throughout the state will have NO runoff to vote in.
—Only 23 of 46 counties have a runoff.
—Of those 23 counties, 18 have no countywide offices.
• To determine if you have a runoff to vote in, check your sample ballot at
—If you voted on June 9, make sure to select the same party.
• In most cases, your polling place will remain the same for the runoff. However, polling places can change due to emergencies. Always check your polling place at before going to vote.