Exercise Your Right To Vote

Voting is important. Many people, such as women, men who didn’t own land, and African-Americans, all had to fight for the right to be able to cast a ballot. They fought so that all may have a say in how the government is run and who is running it.
It is important that people exercise their right to vote in the upcoming primary.
Dillon County has a great deal of opportunity on the horizon, and we have to make sure that we have the leaders in place who can help us take advantage of that opportunity and who will keep the county moving in a positive forward direction.
As voters, we must all make our own individual decisions as who we feel are the best and most qualified people to hold office, and we should not take it for granted that other people will vote or have the mistaken belief that our vote doesn’t matter or that our vote doesn’t count.
COVID-19 will play a role in this election as many people will not want to go to the polls to vote due to these concerns. If you have those concerns, don’t hesitate to go to the Dillon County Voter Registration Office and cast your ballot in a less-crowded environment. You can call 843-774-1403 for more information on casting an absentee ballot.
Regardless of how you vote or who you vote for, it’s important to do it. Don’t let this opportunity to be heard pass you by.