No To Sunday Alcohol Sales

Dear Editor,
On February 20th, 2020, you published an article in reference to the City Manager of Dillon wanting to sell alcohol on Sunday. I would personally say no to selling of alcohol on any day, but especially Sunday, aka “THE LORD’S DAY.”
My reasons are several, but I will only name a couple. The main reason is that THE LORD’S DAY has already been compromised with Sunday ball, etc. It is time for the churches to get their heads out of the sand and realize what is happening.
As the city manager looks at alcohol sales as being the answer to his one-sided view for the city, and possibly the county; he is totally blinded by his imagination as to the less fortunate of this equation. There is more to lose than to gain in these types of situations involving alcohol.
I don’t believe it was alcohol that stopped the businesses from coming a while back; it was the upkeep of the grass etc. around the I-95 area. He is saying that restaurants will not consider our area because of not having Sunday alcohol sales. Then he tells of two restaurants that are opening soon; at this time, we don’t have Sunday alcohol sales, and it has not prevented them from locating in Dillon.
I personally feel that the city manager should heed to his daddy’s words of wisdom, “Just because somebody else does it, doesn’t mean you have to do it.” He names surrounding counties that sell alcohol on Sundays; but for some reason they don’t have Wyman- Gordon, Diversified Plastics, Wix, three major truck stops, Harbor Freight, numerous motels, Perdue, and the Inland Port, etc. It should make him question if these businesses would have selected Dillon if alcohol was sold on Sundays?
From the city manager’s words, it is evident that he only sat, looked, and read one selected point of view, and did not consider the other side of the matter. Chick fil A can be a good example for many businesses to look at in refusing to even open on Sundays, and especially not selling alcohol.
In the article, he uses numerous words like: “he doesn’t know, he imagines, may want to, and possibly.” If a business gives good service, good food, and has decent prices; it will not be affected if they don’t sell to a few that can’t abstain a meal without alcohol.
It must make one wonder how Dillon’s forefathers survived without any sales at all on Sunday, aka “LORD’S DAY.” Let’s say we approve this nonsense idea; is one DUI, or one alcohol related death, or one alcohol-related injury worth it? My advice would be to the city manager to get back in his chair and sit, look, and read more about the misfortunate pains that alcohol brings.
Absolutely no to Sunday alcohol sales! If for no other reason, I can’t imagine that it may benefit anyone or imagine the pain that could come because someone may possibly drink one too many. I ask the churches to contact your council members and let them know how you feel about this presented mistake. We have allowed this world to take away too many values concerning THE LORD’S DAY.
Proverbs 16:25: There is a way that seemeth right unto a man; but the end thereof are the ways of death.

C. Ray Williamson
330 Hattie Lane

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