DHS Class Of 1970 Planning 50th Year Class Reunion

The emails, phone calls, text messages, and posts are flying around cyberspace. The Dillon High School Class of 1970 is planning their 50th class reunion on March 7, 2020.

What comes to your mind first when you think of your high school experience years ago? Bad memories? Cliques? Hormones and drama? Dates of historical events? Diagramming sentences? Solving algebra equations? Typing shortcuts? Ball practice? Self doubt? Wanting desperately to fit in with everyone?

Yes, all of that. Fifty years later, time is flying by faster than we want it to. We’ve had ups and downs, weddings, divorces, and funerals. We’ve taken care of our parents, and now our children are starting to take care of us. We are more and better now, but basically we are the same people we were then. Our friends from high school know that. Thank goodness, they still love us in spite of that!

Our faces have wrinkles, but we can still recognize each other. We will see each other now, but mostly we will see the people we remember from fifty years ago. Those memories have become even more precious over time.

Did you graduate with us? Do you have a sibling who graduated with us? Are you still in touch with a childhood neighbor who graduated in 1970? Please get in touch with those people and ask if they know about the reunion.

The organizers of this reunion are Susanne Black and Rebecca Kinon Ingram. Susanne lives in West Jefferson, NC now. Rebecca is right here in Dillon. Both may be reached on Facebook. An email address has been set up for this event. Contact them at [email protected] There are activities planned for both brunch and supper on March 7. Come join us and tuck away some new memories.