Leadership Is Not For Cowards

The term leadership means “to lead.” It literally means, by most reliable sources, “to act as a guide to show the way, whether by words or action.” The recent statement from James Clyburn, who is the Democratic Whip and the third most powerful person in the United States House of Representatives, in regard to why older African-Americans reject Pete Buttigieg’s bid to be the Democratic nominee for President, got me to thinking. First, I thought of how much courage and conviction representative Clyburn demonstrated by asserting something that is very factual and truthful. Like him, I know the general belief and consensus of African -Americans about the prospect of our President being gay and his companion being referred to as the “First Gentleman”. I especially know that this prospect and practice does not set well with older African- Americans who are from the old school and are Judeo-Christian in their traditional beliefs in things like marriage. Already, some in his party are calling Representative Clyburn prejudice and homophobic. It is truly regrettable and a reflection of how our culture has regressed and degenerated in regard to biblical and traditional beliefs and practices that our nation was founded upon to see people attacked for embracing these tenets that made us great and the envy of the world.
When I consider how much courage it took Representative Clyburn to stand and speak in defense of his beliefs and convictions, I truly commend him and wish that other leaders would do likewise. All across our nation, we are paying a terrible price for not having both competent and courageous leaders who will dare to be different and deviate from the pact of their particular political party. This is a clear and present problem in both of the two major political parties on every level from the local to the state to the national. There seems to be a pervasive phobia about speaking out in support and defense of what is biblically and constitutionally sound when it goes against the grain of political correctness and the often egotistical and opinionated views of the present occupant of the Oval Office. Politically speaking, where are the John McCains of the United States Senate? We desperately need patriots like him, who was not afraid to put what’s best for the nation and constitutionally correct, before partisan politics. Oh, how we miss his courageous stand to not be bullied or intimidated by the negative and slanderous tweets from the highest office and elected official in the land.
This dire need for competent and courageous leaders is not just an urgency in the political arena, but in every aspect of our culture there is a need for such leadership to arise and be heard. Beginning in every family and home, there is a need for parents to come to an understanding that parenting is not for cowards. Parents must have the courage to dare to discipline and realize that they have been given children from God to be their parents first and then their friends. This need for competent and courageous leadership
is not just a need in the political arena and homes of America. Perhaps the greatest need for leaders who are courageous and will declare and stand for what is right without fear or favor is in the pulpits of America. Due to the fact that the church, which is the corporate Body of Christ, has been commissioned and endowed by Him to exemplify and declare truth, justice, and righteousness in the earth. It was right before the Revolutionary War that God raised up courageous preachers like Jonathan Edwards (Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God) and George Whitfield (The Great Awakening), that He used to spiritually and morally prepare the thirteen original colonies to be able to defeat the mighty British Empire. We urgently need preachers like Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, and others like them who will realize that our greatest need is spiritual and not political. Servants of God who will not compromise their message nor integrity to gain favor with politicians on neither the left nor the right. Those who will not exchange principle for power. My prayer is that all of the pastors and spiritual leaders of our locale will be true servants of God who will represent Him without fear or favor.