Garden Club Discuss Ikebana

On October 9th, 11 members of the Glove and Trowel Garden Club met at the home of Linda Dutton for their monthly meeting. The meeting began with club members welcoming Sarita Bethea as their newest member followed by discussion of general club business.
Natalie Wallace presented the program on Ikebana; the Japanese are of arranging flowers that dates back to the 7th century and reached a zenith in the 16th century under the influence of Buddhist tea masters. There are several major schools of Ikebana that have different styles that adhere to seven basic principles: Silence, Minimalism, Shape and Line, Form, Humanity, Aesthetics and Structure.
The vases used for Ikebana are shallow vessels with a flower frog in the middle. The arrangement is constructed on 3 levels, different heights, with less being more. The arrangement can be viewed from all sides.
The meeting ended with several members took part in preparing arrangements with vessels, flowers and greenery.
The Glove and Trowel Garden Club was organized in January 1953 and is a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. the South-Atlantic Region, The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc and the Coastal District of the GCSC.