Why Did S.C. Teachers Get A Higher Pay Raise Than Other State Employees?

To The Editor:
Why did SC Teachers get a higher pay raise this year than other State Employees?
The South Carolina teachers received a 4% pay raise while state employees only received a 2% raise with a $600 one-time bonus. I’m a retired state employee who has worked as a regular state employee and in the school system giving me insight to both groups. Both groups are state employees, so why is one better than the other? What makes a teacher more deserving than a state employee?
It’s my opinion that state employees should receive the same pay raises as teachers since they are all state servants. South Carolina teachers and state employees should not be rewarded more than the other.
South Carolina teachers and state employees are considerably behind in average pay received as compared to state employees in neighboring South-eastern states.
A recent study funded by the State of South Carolina concluded that state employees are only paid 85% of the South-eastern average putting them 15% behind in overall pay. Both groups need to be paid a wage that is in line with other South-eastern states.
The South Carolina Legislature needs to implement ways to get pay rates up for all parties concerned and do it judiciously as to not favour one group over the other.
Larry Duck
P.O. Box 1261
Marion, South Carolina 29571