The Splendor Of Rome Vs. The Simplicity Of Home

I am composing (this article that you are reading today) from Rome, Italy.
Who would have ever thought that one day, I would be in Rome, the fabled eternal city that once ruled most of the civilized and known world.
I am here to meet a very important man who is serving as the pastor of a thriving congregation of believers from diverse African countries in a city about one hundred miles from Rome named Bari.
I am scheduled to minister twice in a special conference that his church is hosting. I am humbled by all the international doors that are opening for me to come and share the gospel and biblical truths with people from various parts of the world.
I will be the first to tell you that I do not deserve any of this notoriety or acclaim that is coming my way. It is coming so fast; I can hardly keep all of my extra-local appointments that occasionally take me away from my family and congregation.
While I am here in Rome, my love and fascination for history is driving me to do a little sightseeing. There is too much significant history for me to see all the tourist attractions that draw people by the millions each year to this ancient city, which has played such an important role in human history (especially from a western perspective), during the brief time that I am here. Perhaps only Jerusalem, Israel has played more of a dominant role in the history of humanity down through the last two thousand years as Rome.
As stated, I am certainly intrigued and sort of fascinated by the historical sights and significance of this ancient city. What history buff would not be captivated by an opportunity to visit one of the most significant historical cities in the world? Nevertheless, in spite of all that Rome, London, Jerusalem, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and quite a few other places (both domestic and foreign) that I have visited in my journeys have to offer with all of their culture and history, there is no place like home.
I am in complete agreement with those who were born and reared in our little neck of the woods and for various reasons have had to move from here in order to pursue educational, career, and other opportunities that our locale could not provide them.
For there are and always will be transient people whose professions and ambitions will dictate them to move from one place to another. Perhaps the greatest example of this type of lifestyle are those who are serving in the military.
Military people who are career oriented and desire to advance in their particular M.O.S. have little or no say in the matter.
However, I take issue with some who have moved from Dillon, which is of course, their prerogative, and have made the statement like “there is nothing in Dillon.”
These people who were born and reared here and felt the need to relocate should be careful in making such narrow-minded, forgetful, and low-opinioned statements about the place of their birth and rearing. Making a blatant statement like that is both degrading and disrespectful of the place that the Almighty saw fit, in His providence, to bring about your birthing and rearing. For if there is truly nothing in Dillon, then you came from nothing, a place without any value or significance.
For if there is truly nothing in Dillon, then the history and memory of your parents and your cherished and unforgettable experiences that you shared with relatives and friends mean nothing to you.
At the end of the day, each of us will do well not to make a brash or demeaning statement about the place of our origin, regardless of how small, insignificant, or out of the way it might seem to be. It is still the place where we were born and reared. Regardless of where our aspirations and careers may take us in life, there is something distinct and unique about where we came from that should hold a place of honor and high regard in our minds Wherever we have been fortunate enough to arrive or ascend to in our endeavors and pursuits of excellence and success, should never cause us to bad mouth or forget where we came from. Perhaps, this is why I am constantly talking or mentioning Newtown in my writings, sermons, and general conversations with people who meet me for the first time. With all of its negatives and evils, there is still something good about this little stagnant community that gave birth and nurturing to me that I will never forget nor be ashamed of.
It was once said of the most significant Man in history about the little out of the way town where He was raised into manhood, “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” (John 1:46). All of us know the answer to that question.
I have been to some of the most historically, religiously, culturally, and economically significant cities in the world. Cities like Jerusalem, London, Paris, Istanbul, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and of course, Rome just to name a few. However, the grandeur, culture, historicity, and notoriety of these cities can never replace the treasure of my little town that I hold dear in my heart. Perhaps, it is true after all that there is no place like home!