Fork Presbyterian Church Holds Celebration Sunday

On Sunday, September 15, Fork Presbyterian Church celebrated the results of their Three Months of Powerful Prayer.
The morning worship began with an exciting arrangement of “Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus” played by their Director of Music, Ms. Laura Britt. During the prelude, Vic Carmichael lit the worship candles. Following the Call to Worship by the Sanctuary Choir, everyone was given the opportunity to share some of the things they had prayed for during out Three Months of Powerful Prayer and had already seen the prayers answered. Some of the things prayed for were: Director of Music, Director of Media, a lap top for the church, a sound room, a choir room, CD player for choir room, increase in attendance. All of these have been answered in a fantastic way because everything is paid for.
There were three Prayer Boards placed in the foyer of the church. Each time a person prayed for our church, our leaders, or anything that would help our church become what God wants it to be, they would place a sticker on the board. This was done in June, July, and August. They were asked to say a prayer every time they ate anything. This would give them 21 stickers if they only ate their three meals a day. The posters reminded the members of their prayer commitment. The congregation then affirmed their faith in God and sang “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.” Ms. Gayle Elvington read Matthew 7:7-11 and then had a prayer.

The children enjoyed a movie about Goliath and how David prayed for God to help him. The Sanctuary Choir sand an exciting arrangement of “Something Good is About to Happen.”
Laura Britt directed the choir.
The congregation then sang, “To God be the Glory”. Mrs. Darlene Rogers had the offertory prayer.
Laura Britt played a very moving arrangement of “ ‘Tis So Sweet” for the offertory. The congregation’s response to the offertory was “What a Might God We Serve!”
Rev. Adrienne Anderson used Matthew 7:7-11 for her message, “It’s Celebration Time!”. She said that God wants us to pray, but we must believe and expect Him to answer our prayers.
When we make the effort, He will always take care of the results. Prayer really does make a difference! The closing hymn was “I Surrender All.”
James David Lane then gave the congregation instructions for the meal and had the benediction and blessing for the meal.
There were many flavors of snowballs for the people to enjoy!
This was a treat for all ages! Fork Presbyterian Church enjoyed their Celebration Sunday with great food, great worship, great fellowship, and great weather!