Hurricane Dorian Passes Through County

Hurricane Dorian passed through the county on Thursday, and luckily, Dillon County was spared from the worst.
According to Mark Willis from the National Weather Service, the NWS “does not have any official observation stations in Dillon County. However, radar estimates are between 3 to 5 inches of rain for the county. Florence just to your SW saw a gust to 48 mph at 4:22 p.m. which was their highest wind. Observations in Marion County were mostly in the 35-45 mph range. Based on that and other observations, I’d say wind gusts likely peaked around 35-50 mph for Dillon County.”
The Dillon Herald asked our readers on Facebook® to give us their rain totals and locations. Here are the responses we received:
Mike Vann—My rain gauge holds 5 inches, and it was full in Little Rock.
Robin Singleton Price—We farm different areas. Latta: 4 inches, Sellers: 4, Oak Grove 3 1/2, Minturn: 3, Free States: 3 1/2, Dillon: 3.9.
Sue DiStefano—Hamer: 5 inches—On 301 in Hamer.
Edna Miller—4.7 in Lake View
Faith Alford Mew—5 1/2” in Mt Calvary
Jim Chavis—5 inches on Stewart Street in Dillon.
Larry M Cox Sr.—3.5 inches in Oak Grove
Lisa Bracey Gray—4.1 on Saw Mill Rd (Oakland Community) Hamer
Diane Buster Finklea Lee—3” on Blue Jay Road, Latta
Doris Russell—Dillon—Overflow in a 4 inch gauge.
Frances Hyatt George—Floyd Dale: 2.25 inches
JT Baxley—Minturn: 4 in.
Melidy Lee—2.75 Zelle St., Latta
Marlboro Electric reported a total of 100 members in Dillon County who lost power during the hurricane. Most were after 6 p.m. on Thursday, according to Matt Haynie of MEC.
As the storm passed Thursday into Friday, Duke Energy had about 2,800 customers out in Dillon County, according to Ryan Mosier of Duke.