The Lying King

I had about two more hours of sleep time left to complete on this early Saturday morning.
I was very tired after finishing my last session of a two- night conference at a church and bible school a few miles out from Asheboro, North Carolina
Having been allotted only two nights to teach and lay the foundation for a new course that was going to be included in their curriculum in the fall, I had to cram things in and say a lot in a little time that I had to lecture and present my information to the students through my expositional and often extemporaneous style of teaching.
To my congregants in Dillon and Florence, South Carolina, I am merely their pastor and Bishop. However, to these bible students and seminarians, who aspire to be scholars, I am highly esteemed as Doctor Goings, who has both the academic credentials and more so the wisdom on various biblical topics and issues of life.
I was extremely tired and perhaps even exhausted after having stood before them for well over two hours on this final night. I had intended to get at least six hours of sleep and get up at 6:00 a.m., which is a little late for me to awaken. However, I could not finish my six hours of sleeping because the idea of what you are presently reading would not allow me to do so. It not only got me up, but drove me to the desk in the hotel room where I was staying to commence writing the first aspect of this article.
I had received a call from Columbia, South Carolina, a few days earlier from a man who was born and reared in Dillon. This man lives there after retiring from the Air Force. He had called me for two specific reasons.
First, he wanted to thank me for being a mentor to him when he was a teenager and speaking some profound and prophetic things in his life back then that came to pass with acute accuracy. Finally, being a part of the prison ministry of the church where he is a member, he wanted to briefly ask me some questions about a man from Dillon, who was just recently released from prison and had been attending their church. Knowing that I had served many years as this man’s pastor (before he left our church out of the back door), he felt that I could help him to assist this man in getting established back into the civilian population and be a productive and law abiding citizen. Nevertheless, he became immediately aware and disturbed about this fellow’s one glaring weakness – he was a habitual and pathological liar. My talk with him about this fellow and his propensity or perhaps a better term would be obsession, for lying is the impetus for what you are reading today.
Now before I say any more about this real life “Chicken Little” and “Pinocchio”, who were both fictitious characters who were infamous for their fabrications, exaggeration, and downright lying, I want to make a detour and revisit a day when I deceptively indulged in the dark art of lying. One of the things that I have endeavored to do, before I consider or discuss the faults of others in a certain area, is to admit my failings first in that particular area.
This has blessed and benefitted me with the power to address the matter without hypocrisy or self-condemnation.
To paraphrase the reputed legendary words of George Washington in response to whether or not he had cut down a certain cherry tree when he was a lad, “I cannot tell a lie!” Though I have been delivered (by the grace of God) from lying, there was a time when lying and being deceptive was easy and very commonplace, especially when I felt I had to. I never sunk to the bottom of the barrel as a liar, but I did my fair share of lying in the day before I was delivered. If a lie is anything said or done with the intention to deceive (as most etymologist affirm), then we all (to a lessor or greater degree) have been guilty of lying at one point or another. However, there are some who have been seemingly cursed with the evil quality of a lying tongue. I knew this particular family when I was growing up that were infamously known as the lying Pace family (not their real name). They were given this appellation because almost every member of this family of ten (to include the parents) were well-known for lying. Though the mother of the clan was by far the master liar in the house, practically every other member of the family was known for their habitual lying. Nevertheless, how notorious and infamous the Pace family members were for lying, none of them could hold a candle to Little Laddie (not his real name) the man that we started this column off with. Little Laddie is such a pathological liar that before he was incarcerated, people dubbed him as Lying Laddie in Dillon. The man who called me from Columbia told me that Little Laddie had told him that he used to be a millionaire. Having been raised in Dillon and being only one year younger than Little Laddie, he knew he was lying. I have known Little Laddie for well over thirty years and can truly say without any exaggeration or hostility toward him that he is the most prolific and pathological liar in fiction or fact that I have ever known. Little Laddie’s lies became so farfetched and absurd that it was hard to believe him when he was actually telling the truth. Most people who knew him knew that he obviously had a mental abnormality that was the cause of his lying that he literally believe to be true in his warped way of thinking. Evidently, he has not stopped lying and telling his tales. Little Laddie, in the estimation of many (myself included), is the undisputed champion of lying; he is the Lying King who continues to reign upon his throne of tall tales, fibs, and fabrications that are too farfetched to believe. Regrettably, his self-deceptive and unreal reign of lying will lead to his complete ruin and destruction, if he does not repent and turn from this wicked practice. Please join me in praying for Little Laddie and all others who are liars to discipline themselves and tame and train their tongues not to lie, but to speak the truth to everyone.