False Accusers

To The Editor:
Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 @ 2:35am
From my observation, generally when I hear of the racist card being played, it’s usually because a false accuser having nothing truthful wherewith to be critical, so he or she then uses the only hand they have left to play, the race baiting card.
Yes, I know there are a few racist people in this world, but they are few, and those few are on all sides of our ethnicities. It is a terrible sin, a terrible sin, and those few given to it shames me.
It’s been my observation, that generally there are only a few false accusers in number, but those few somehow seem to know how to be able to draw up an audience to give ear to the falsehoods they say. Perhaps we listen because somewhere along life’s way we’ve experienced an injustice. Who hasn’t?
The false accusers attempt to discredit their target, whomever it might be, with false accusations, and so many folk, too often, fall for it.
You will recall all of the media attention and conclusions made by many during the recent Judge Kavanaugh issue. Whatever happened to this man’s false accuser? Though he was cleared of every false accusation, this man and his family’s life has been and never will be the same. And that’s just not right.
My observation has lead me to my own personal question. Are the very ones doing most of the racial false accusing actually racist themselves? Are false accusers maybe themselves the one’s whom have hateful resentments over their brothers ethnicity, finances, and or political views? God help us to love our fellow man despite what our lot in life is, or his.
If and when those that make false accusations are exposed, maybe they then should face the same punishment that they were trying to measure out. Maybe then this would slow down potential false accusers from promoting such evil on another. Maybe if the backlash for those falsely accusing were as swift and painful for them, maybe we would see and hear a whole lot less of these type of falsehoods being promulgated. Maybe false accusers should expect to get returned on their own head that in which they measure out. Truth is they will. God is love, but he is also just. And justice will be served, this life or the next.
Where false accusations are being made and or the race baiting card is being played, nobody wins, nobody.
Indeed there will always be wrong among us, but let us be the ones having done wha was right.
My prayer this morning is this:
“God bless all that are being intentionally wronged and curse any who seek to harm their brother. Let false accusers have his stone returned on to him, strong enough that he or she will recognize it is themselves whom cast it, that he may repent, turn from the error of his way, and help prevent someone else from doing the same. Amen.”
Pastor, James W. Bryant
Dillon Congregational
505 Black Branch Rd,
Dillon, SC 29536