Criterion Club Summer Camp Held

A four-week 2019 Summer Camp was held at the Criterion Club from 8:00 a.m. until noon daily. The daily attendance totaled 20-25 children each day. On arrival the campers were enthusiastically greeted by the Program Coordinators for the Summer Camp, Criterion Members Robin McRae and Nancy Leach. The driver for the camp was Ms. Gina McCall. The agenda for each week focused on Reading and Math in the morning. The campers toured The Ellis Performing Arts Center and enjoyed a movie. Mr. Joshua Fleetwood, Chorus Teacher at Dillon Music School, spoke with the campers about music and they sang songs.

Mr. Wayne Green, karate instructor spoke with the campers about karate and the importance of physical activity. Rev. Allen Robinson, pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, gave encouraging words to the campers. They enjoyed card games, a snack and a delicious lunch prepared Mrs. Claretha Whitfield. Goodbyes were said prior to dismissal. The students went home with great anticipation of the next time for “Summer Fun at the Criterion Center.” The children had an awesome time during “Camp Criterion.” The Criterion Club would like to thank our sponsors and supporters of our Programs as we continue to provide recreation, educational and community activities for children and adults. Thank you very much to the Summer Camp Committee for doing a magnificent job during the implementation of this wholesome activity for our youth. Campers included: Zia’Sia Gillespie, Ayanna Leach, Dylan Guevara, Jonylah Stackhouse, Amoni Howard, Jordan Collins, JaCorrius Charles, Sha’Kyra Gillespie, Jamauri Howard, Ava Tyson, Bri’Yanna McNair, Aniyalynn Richardson, Gionna Gillespie, Aliyah Harley, Jaylen McInnis, DeAnya Leach, C. J. Alford, Innocent Tyson, Shayla Downing, Jariyah Bethea, Famon Whitfield IV, Ja’Niyah Bridges, Sydney McAllister, and Nilah Whitfield. (Submitted by Dr. Miranda E. Page, Public Relations)