‘Tis the Season of Extreme Heat and Humidity

Last year about this time or perhaps a little earlier (right before the summer season officially started), I did an article about the “Dragon of Summer’s Heat and Humidity”. I believe that we are living in a time of global warming due to the emission of destructive gases into the ozonosphere that shields the earth from ultraviolent radiation. This gas emission is primarily being caused by the over usage of fossil fuel and other factors that we will not consider nor discuss in my column today. The meteorologists have already shared their findings that June was the hottest month on record and project that July will most likely be the same. I want to share some information and advice that could prove vital and very preventative during the remainder of this extreme, very hot, and humid season. Mostly what I will share with you are things you have already heard before and are very commonsensical.
Before I even get into the meat of the matter, I want to give thanks to the Almighty for the invention of the air conditioner by Willis Carrier in 1902 in Buffalo, New York, as well as the other ingenious and innovative pioneers who helped to perfect the system. We often take these very necessary things for granted that God inspired men to create for our convenience and well being – until something happens to disrupt or completely stop them from functioning. During this time of the year (when we have to contend with the reality of blistering and extreme heat and humidity), let us not forget to occasionally pause and thank God for the invention of air conditioning.

Things That We Should Avoid (If Possible)
During this Season
In my opinion, the very first thing we should avoid, if it is possible, during this time of the year is to stay out of the sun for any long period of time. Except you have to work outside (like landscapers, construction workers, and those who pave our roads with asphalt or cement), stay inside. Secondly, if you must do work on the outside, wear light color clothing that fits you loosely. It is a proven scientific fact that light color clothes repel and reflect the ultraviolet rays of the sun and consequently helps to maintain a lower body temperature, whereas dark color clothing absorbs them, thus contributing to an elevated body temperature. Wearing loose fitting clothing instead of those that are snug and tight fitting will both contribute to your body being cooler and a lot more comfortable while working in the heat and humidity. Also, do not forget to wear a hat or cap to give you a little shade and protection from the sun. Preferably, a wide brim straw hat will work wonders for you as the ultraviolet rays of the sun are beaming down on your head. Thirdly, avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water and other liquids that contain a safe degree of electrolytes, sodium, and potassium.
Fourthly, avoid heavy and overeating because the more you eat during this time of the year, the more your body will generate heat. Eat plenty of the vegetables, fruits, and easily digestible meats like fish, chicken, and turkey that will not linger in your metabolic system too long.

Things That We Must Remain Vigilant About During This Time of the Year
I am going to conclude with considering some of the things that we must at all cost and effort make sure that we remain vigilant during this time of intense heat and humidity. Firstly, do not leave children or pets in a car while you go inside a place of business or someone’s house, especially with the windows upNext, let us make sure that we check on elderly or sickly people who live alone at least twice in the run of a day to assure that they are cool and have adequate air conditioning and plenty of water and other liquids to drink. Finally, do not forget the adverse effect that this hot and humid time of the year can have on your pets, especially if they live outside. Special precaution must be taken to keep them shaded with plenty of water. We have at least one month remaining to contend with and endure the blistering heat and humidity of summer.
Thank God that we are passed half-way mark and there is some light glittering at the end of the tunnel signaling that our journey through this arid season is almost at an end. In the mean time, don’t worry, stay calm and cool for it will all be over after ‘while.