Response Given On Letter About “Will Our Democracy Survive?”

Response Given On Letter About
“Will Our Democracy Survive?”

Dear Editor,
I am sending this letter to you in response to Gerald M. Berry’s response of Bishop Goings’ article on Will Our Democracy Survive? First, I want to say that I will not be as lengthy as Mr. Berry’s bias analysis and dissection of the article. The fact that Mr. Berry was aroused to write and submit his letter confirms something that Bishop Goings has always said about the objective of his articles. He said that they are written “to provoke thought and discussion”. To be honest, I find it a challenge to hold my peace and not respond to Mr. Berry in a civil and conciliatory way. I met Bishop Goings when I was in the 7th grade. I have been a member of his church for 36 years. I have travelled to various parts of the nation with him, as well as to Europe and Africa, I have been in settings and situation where he had defended our Judeo-Christian convictions, as well as our country and Democracy. Some of these venues were very unfriendly and hostile. However, Bishop Goings, who is a veteran and served in a special unit that dealt with tactical nuclear weapons and a student of history, current events, and especially the Scripture, has for well over 40 years been on the frontline of protest, activism, and perhaps most importantly of all, in prayer. He has engaged the enemy, the problem, and the people head on in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, as well as in Dillon County, just to name a few. He is not a pencil pusher or theoretical trooper who talk the talk without any true combat experience. I have read Bishop Goings’ article and can truly say objectively, with an open mind, he managed to be impartial, objective, and nonpartisan in his criticism and denunciation of both our major political parties’ role in the impasse that exists in our federal government. How dare Mr. Berry or anyone else accuse him of being apathetic in pursuing practical solutions to our nation’s problems and a proponent of the liberal left. Perhaps Mr. Berry did not read his article, Mr. President, I Respectfully Disagree, a few years ago when President Obama was in his second term in office. Bishop Goings wrote this article that strongly criticized and denounced Mr. Obama for some of his ultra-liberal beliefs, like gay marriages.
After talking to Bishop Goings about Mr. Berry’s letter, I felt compelled to respond and defend this honorable man, unlike the one who occupies the Oval Office, who Mr. Berry is defending. Bishop Goings is not perfect, but he has a record of integrity, character, patriotism, and most of all, a man who truly serves God with conviction and courage. Bishop Goings seldom will defend himself against people who criticize him about something he said from the pulpit or wrote in his articles.
He loves to cite these words of President Harry Truman, “If you can’t stand the hot grease, then get out of the kitchen.” There are many, many more people like me, who hold Bishop Goings in high esteem for the positive impact he has made in our lives. We hold various degrees, work in various professions, and are diverse in gender and nationalities. One of the things, we all have in common is our gratitude and respect for Bishop Michael E. Goings.
His integrity and legacy will endure long after the one Mr. Berry is defending has been exposed and branded as a fraud.
Sir Darrell Mace
268 Pocosin Road
Latta, SC 29565