Support Local Endeavors

Dear Editor,
First of all, I am not originally from Dillon, but my family and I have lived here for forty-three years. It is home. When we moved here everything I needed was available in Dillon. We had clothing stores, name brand (Belk) and local (The Red Chimney). We had local and name brand pharmacies. We had car dealerships. We had Mack’s Dime Store.
We have fewer and fewer stores and often I hear people say that they have to go to Florence or Lumberton to shop. Even more often I hear people say, “Why can’t Dillon have this or that?” I have said it myself.
Dillon County was chosen to host a traveling Smithsonian Exhibit, Crossroads. We are one of six counties in South Carolina to be chosen as a host. There were many hours of work on an application and the setup of the exhibit. Thank you to all who had a part in this.
Two days this week I have volunteered as a docent. The attendance to see the exhibit is less than sparse. With our supporting this exhibit to make it successful, other groups may be inspired to apply for a grant for another exhibit. Whether it is the Crossroads exhibit, the pop-up Farmers’ Market, the Art Guild/Animal Shelter Gala, or the July 4 Golf Cart Parade, we need to support all local endeavors. When asked to volunteer, say yes. When asked for input, give positive feedback.
Who knows? We may have a festival as spectacular as Art Fields one day.
Rebecca G. Moody
Park Circle
Dillon, SC 29536