McCrimmon Signs With Methodist University

Ja’Rhonda McCrimmon took the next step in her basketball career as she signed with Methodist University in Fayetteville, N.C., on Wednesday, May 22, at the Athletic Director’s office at Dillon High School.

Assistant Athletic Director Zach Hayes congratulated McCrimmon on her commitment to the Dillon High School program. He expressed the school’s appreciation for allowing the coaches to instruct her not only on the court but also in the classrooms.
Coach Hayes looked directly at Ja’Rhonda and stated, “Don’t do anything stupid. College is tough. You must prepare yourself every day as Mom and Dad is not there to take care of you. You must do your lessons and be prepared for practice. Always remember an education should be first priority.”
After having been influenced by her Father, Johnny, McCrimmon has been dedicated to basketball for the past seven years. She also plays volleyball and is a cheerleader for Dillon High School.
Ja’Rhonda proudly said, “I think it’s a great opportunity to play at Meredith University and continue my education there where I will major in Biology. I fell like I can make an impact on the basketball program there.”
“As I continue my pursuit of an education, I will carry wisdom from the high school level to the college level.”
Ja’Rhonda has recieved many awards while playing basketball in Dillon. McCrimmon will continue to play as a center or a power forward at Meredith University, the same positions she played at Dillon High School.
Johnny and Rhonda McCrimmon, Ja’Rhonda’s parents, are very proud of their daughter’s accomplishments in both her academics and in basketball. They both stated, “We are very, very proud of our daughter. We will continue to follow her career in basketball as well as her pursuit of her education. She has talents in both areas.” Dillon High School’s varsity basketball coach, Coach Mac, wishes the best for McCrimmon. “She will surely be missed in our program here in Dillon. Her shoes will be difficult to fill.”