City Praised For Demolishing Vacant Properties

By Betsy Finklea
Since 2013, the City of Dillon has been demolishing vacant and abandoned properties.
Willie Bethea, a local citizen, spoke about these demolitions at the last city council meeting.
He said since 2013 a number of things had been done as far as the demolition of vacant properties. He said Glen Wagner, city manager; Benny Genwright, code enforcement officer; Burt Jackson, street department supervisor; and Jack McInnis, city attorney, had dealt with the “nuts and bolts” of the issue. A total of 63 properties has been done since 2013. The number includes: 2013- 13, 2014-23, 2015-7, 2016-10, 2017-7, 2018-3, and seven more being advertised in 2019.
The property on Hampton Street was the most recent demolition.