PHOTO GALLERY: Latta Rotary Holds Happy Feet Project

The Latta Rotary held the twelfth annual Happy Feet project on Tuesday, April 9, at the local Goody’s in Dillon.
Latta Elementary students were allowed to shop to purchase much needed shoes, socks, shirts, pants, undergarments, and clothing accessories.
The Latta Rotary decided to hold this event in the spring to help carry the students through the summer until they can purchase new clothing for back to school.
This event is made possible with funding from the Latta Rotary Club, the Rotary International, the Latta Schools Educational Foundation, the Latta School District, the Latta Interact Club, and all Latta students and faculty raising funds.
These students purchased over $18,000.00 worth of merchandise that was discounted to slightly over $12,000.00 with discounts from Goody’s .
This Latta Rotary project is exclusive with Goody’s because the dedicated staff gives of their time and of the great generosity of Goody’s management in the additional financial support of the cost.
Longtime Rotarian Corky Lane gladly bagged the goodies until he was relieved by other Rotarians sharing in the work load.
Dr. John Kirby and George Liebenrood were busy making certain that everything was going off without a hitch while other Rotarians were busy assisting the students with their purchases.
Many Latta Rotarians were busy such as Travis Jackson who was experiencing his first association with the project. He assisted students with their selections. Jackson commented “It’s a pleasure to be able to serve our community and give back to children in our schools. Our goal is to serve, and we accomplished that today.”
Many children had wonderful comments such as “This is the best day ever,” “I am very, very happy,” “I am very happy and thankful,” “My favorite items are my new shoes ,” “My favorite item is my new dress,” and the list goes on and on.
Pat Gates, who was assisting in this wonderful project, exclaimed, “This is an event that children look forward to every year. They treasure this time. Both children and parents look forward to this. Parents feel that Latta Schools really cares about this event and the children.”
Many thanks goes to all who make this event a wonderful success for those less fortunate.
Donna Edwards remarked “this is my most favorite part of Rotary. This is the most favorite time of the year. One leaves wanting to take the children home with one’s self.”
Plans are already underway for making next year’s event even better than this year’s…and that will be a hard task to accomplish.
Our hats are off to all who participate in this event.

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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