Spring Is Coming

The season of spring officially started on March 20, 2019. Calendar-wise, we have been into the spring season for ten days. However, “Old Man Winter” does not seem to want to relinquish his throne of dominance over the climate.
When I was in the second grade and the season of spring had just arrived (bringing much warmer temperature with it for several days), it seemed as though winter had truly given place to spring causing many to dress according to the warm temperature. I had worn my old brogues from the time I had gotten them for Christmas; and they were tattered, torn, and ugly due to my negligence. I had been going around barefoot at home and decided to go to school on this particular morning barefoot. After all, the sun was shining and I had been warm, if not hot, for quite a few days. Nevertheless, to my utter surprise and shame, when I arrived at school and went into the classroom, my teacher was completely shocked and made me stay in class all day long. I had to spend the entire day during recess time watching the other children frolic and play. As terrible as that was, the worst was yet to come. When school ended, Mr. Herbert Crawford, the only male teacher in the elementary school (who served as an unofficial, and of course, unpaid principal for the responsibility he had), was given the job of taking me home in his car and telling my parents that I had come to school barefoot. To my surprise, my father, who normally would have been working at the time he brought me home, was there. To make a long story short, my back and behind paid the penalty of a belt whipping for my stupidity. Though I was only in the second grade, I never forgot that uneventful day and certainly never attempted such a foolish act again.
Fast forward from that year to a few years in the future… I can remember being in what was called an operetta. An operetta is a dramatic event that is a mix between a play and a musical opera. I was given a small role in the rendition to play the part of fall. One of the things I remember well about that operetta was that my neighbor, Mary Deloris Barr (who everyone referred to as “Pinky”), had been given the part of a little bird. I do not remember the type of bird it was, but she would run across the stage in intervals saying, “Spring is coming.” King Winter had conspired with Jack Frost and his elves to take spring hostage and keep her hidden and secluded so that he could stay on the climatic throne. Of course, the operetta finally ends with Mother Nature forcing winter to get off the throne so that spring could take her rightful place.
Many of you have perhaps been experiencing an extended winter of challenges, and a time of adversity, and difficulty. However, spring is coming and trouble don’t last always. Your weeping may have endured for a night, but joy is coming in the morning. I thought it appropriate and very necessary to devote my column today to an attempt to encourage and uplift the spirit of many who have gone through a season of turmoil and trouble, a winter of discontent.
Perhaps you are in the number of the people who have endured a season of pain, grief, and sadness due to the loss of a loved one or some other misfortunate occurrence.
I exhort you to be encouraged and know that the Lord will sustain you and give you His peace, if you would call upon Him. In my conclusion, let me once again declare to you that spring is coming!