YJGC Meets

The Yellow Jessamine Garden Club met on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at the home of Larue Bracey at 6:30 p.m. Twelve members were present.

The meeting launched with President Mary Ricks welcoming all members and guests. She graciously thanked Larue for being the hostess for the evening.
Chaplain Campbell then gave the devotion on Psalm 42:8 and blessing for refreshments for the evening. A delicious meal of spaghetti and garlic bread was served.
After the delectable meal, Melissa Moody introduced the guest speaker, Susan Carter.
Mrs. Susan gave her presentation on awards.
She has been judging awards for the last several years and enjoys viewing the hard work from the Coastal District Clubs.
She mentioned several popular topics on awards and answered any questions from the group.
Mrs. Carter explained that following the guidelines, as listed on the GCSC website, is a great way to achieve an award.
Most awards are presented by a certificate however, some awards are monetarily awarded.(GCSC Objective: Encourage the love of all phases of garden work.) The Coastal District and The Garden Club of South Carolina both offer awards.
The GCSC awards are due by December 15 and are announced at the GCSC State meetings.
The Coastal District is due by February 1 and winners are announced at the Coastal District meetings. The Coastal district meeting for this year will be held in Conway on March 14.
The YJGC was very grateful for Mrs. Susan attending and thanked her for her program.
The roll call was given by the naming of each members favorite award. Some examples were Plant it Pink, Publicity Press Book, Yearbook and National Garden Club Week.
The minutes from the January meeting were read and the Treasurer’s report was as stated. Frances Tyler mentioned that dues were to be paid and sent in to the GCSC Treasurer.
Next, Mildred Mishue, Correspondence Chairman, called and reminded everyone of the meeting and Ways and Means had no report for this month.
Projects and Litter Chairman, Mary Ricks, announced the grass and shrubs were cut at J.P. Camp and the park looks well maintained.
Publicity & Awards Chairman, Melissa Moody, declared the newsletter was distributed and the January meeting was in The Dillon Herald. In addition, she remarked that the GCSC and Coastal District Awards applications have been sent in totaling 24. She also read “Horticulture Moments” from the newsletter. Additionally, Frances Tyler gave a report on Chickadee birds as Larue Bracey gave the report for Membership.
Old business discussed was the cement foundation of the Blue Star Memorial at The National Guard Armory on Monday, February 4, 2019. It is a beautiful attraction to the Armory as it represents all those that have fought and are fighting for the freedom of our country.
New business mentioned was the upcoming Coastal District meeting on March 14 in Conway.
The Nominating Committee presented the new officers as follows: Melissa Moody-President, Mildred Mishue, Vice-President, Glenda Campbell-Secretary, and Treasurer-Frances Tyler.
The meeting was then adjourned. A door prize of a wooden garden sign was won by Janet Keaton.
The next meeting is March 5, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. with Hostess Judy Wyman and Program Leader Mildred Mishue.
The Yellow Jessamine Garden Club is member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., South Atlantic Region, The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc. and Coastal District of the Garden Club of South Carolina.

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