Dillon Mayor Gives State Of The City Address

By J. Todd Davis,
Mayor of the City of Dillon

Most every year when the calendar flips to start a new year I will generally receive a call from Betsy with The Dillon Herald asking me to write a “State of the City.”
Most years I have done just that with the exception of a few. As you are aware I will not be pursuing a fifth term as the Mayor of Dillon. It will be a big change in my life, but life is about change, and we all have to embrace it for the good and the bad it can bring. I like to focus on the good!
Dillon is on the cusp of some of these big changes. We have come a long way these past years. Seeds were planted that we knew would take years to bear fruit. For example, the Upfit and façade grants are perfect examples. Also the news that is pending concerning The Theatre as of the time of this writing is about to be released. All the hard work on these two examples will bear fruit for decades. These are only two of many others that I can point out. Most of my ideas about carrying the city forward were thought of while sitting in my chair at night or while going to bed but too restless to sleep. My other good fortune is having a fantastic City Council and City Manager that help me shape these ideas into a plan. Most of the time these plans will involve city personnel. The City of Dillon is those people who come in every day to do their jobs. I will miss my interaction with them the most.
Currently, there are some possible big announcements coming. Most of what I’m involved with now if they pan out will not be completed until I am out of City Hall. Just last week, we met with developers who are here to plant a business in Dillon I never thought I’d see this soon. Their corporate people came in last year from across the country to approve it themselves. These developers stated, “They hardly ever come into an urban setting like Dillon,” but I’m confident they will be here soon. These developers saw something in Dillon that they like.
More longer term, the city will need to start planning whether to upgrade or build a new Wastewater Treatment Plan. Currently, this process is in the early stages by doing a countywide feasibility study. The focus of the study will be what is the best route concerning sewer treatment and capacity. This study is being funded by us, the county, and NESA.
All of these ongoing issues and opportunities will shape Dillon for years. It’s important that the new spokesperson for the city be willing and able to serve the city above self. I always went out every day to serve the city, and at times, sacrificing other things I could and should be doing with my family. I still look forward in helping where and when I can. They know I will always be there to assist Dillon going forward.
Lastly, I cannot say how much it’s meant to me serving the citizens of Dillon. I will have been Mayor for 16 years, and the only time I’ve ever had a real election was my first. The last 12 years I was given the privilege of running unopposed. For that…. Thank you! To my fellow councilmen and women…Thank you! To all the wonderful people that work for the City, who made me look better than I should. Thank you!