Magnolia Garden Club Meets

Submitted by:
Lynn Liebenrood, Secretary

The October meeting of the Magnolia Garden Club was hosted by Amanda Morrell and Dollie Morrell at the Latta Elementary School Media Center. Sarah Pullie provided a colorful arrangement of succulents in a beautiful clay pot. The ladies enjoyed curry chicken rolls, cheese wafers, orange congealed salad, cinnamon buns adorned with a candy pumpkin, and a delicious fall beverage of apple cider, orange juice, and ginger ale. The hosts and the 2018-2019 officers prepared the refreshments. Eleanor Powers also provided a variety of cheese balls for the ladies to sample.
Amanda Morrell recognized new members and the 2018-2019 officers. She then went through the Magnolia Garden club yearbook. This included general information, contact information, National and State Garden Clubs officers, committees (descriptions and duties) and the work schedule for “The Belva Finklea Garden.” The program provided by Amanda Morrell was entitled: “Happy Trails.” The garden clubs long-term project “The Legacy Tree Trail” is finally completed! She shared a brief history of the project and how the club created this unique community amenity. Amanda also provided information about the Viking Greenway, the larger system of which the tree trail is a part. Both efforts are wonderful examples of how creating partnerships in the community can move projects toward implementation and create lasting project success. The club then walked parts of the trail together and enjoyed the fruits of their labor.
The business meeting was called to order by Co-Vice President Amanda Morrell. She updated members on the October 13 Harvest Festival. She reminded members of next month’s November meeting at the home of Laura Thomas. The meeting was then adjourned.

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