Yellow Jessamine Garden Club Hears About Bee Business

The Yellow Jessamine Garden Club met on Tuesday, September 4, at 6:30 pm at the beautiful residence of President Mary Ricks.
The meeting began with President Ricks welcoming all members and guests. She graciously greeted our new members; Terri Pittman, Terry Hayes, Theresa Hamilton and Donna Haselden. She then introduced our guest speaker, Lisa Nance, to present the program on Fisher Road Oils and Honey. Lisa is the proud owner of Bad Dog Coffee Company on Main Street in Mullins, SC. She is presenting the meeting on behalf of Heather Fisher, who was unable to make the meeting.
Lisa explained the initial idea of Fisher Road began with Heather and her late husband, Brian Fisher.
This company is a small rural business dedicated to utilizing natural products from bees, like honey and beeswax to make products beneficial to our health. These products are sold locally at Peacock’s Vintage Picks and other local vendors in Dillon, SC.
Lisa brought several candles, lip balms and wax melts to sell. All scents, packaging and advertising are manufactured on the Fisher’s farm in Mullins, SC. Fisher Road Oils and Honey is also a member of the SC Certified Beekeepers Association.
Lisa mentioned how important the bees are to the pollination of food crops. Beeswax and Honey are produced by bees. Without bees, the most important pollinator, it would be total devastation to crops and plants. She encouraged planting bee friendly plants like zinnias, goldenrod, bee balm and hyacinth to help increase the population of bees. (NGC Objective: Conservation) Beeswax and honey are very helpful to humans. Honey has natural advantages such as relieving the common cold and healing wounds. Beeswax also has benefits such as moisturizing, hair growth and protection for abrasions.
Lisa was acknowledged for her informative program and given a welcoming gift.
Chaplain Glenda Campbell then read the devotion on Ecclesiastes 3:11 and prayed for the refreshments prepared by Mary Ricks. Homemade chocolate cake, watermelon, sandwiches and cashews were enjoyed by all.
After refreshments, roll was called by the answering of each member’s favorite species of bee.
Frances Tyler then read the Treasurer’s repot as Mildred Mishue stated to calling all members as a reminder of the September meeting.
The Membership Committee warmly welcomed the 4 new members.
President Mary Ricks, Projects and Litter chairman, stated to continue the park clean-up schedule as listed.
Ways and Means Chairman, Mildred Mishue reminded the YJGC of the upcoming Holiday Bazaar at The City of Dillon Wellness Center. The YJGC will be the Santa’s Kitchen booth. Each member is asked to bring baked items to sell.
Horticulture Moments was read by Melissa Moody, as she handed out the Yellow Jessamine Newsletter.
Bird Chairman, Frances Tyler, encouraged each member to leave the hummingbird feeders out because the hummingbirds are still in our area.
New business discussed was a raised garden project at Dillon Christian Preschool. This garden will inspire children to learn to garden and to teach the importance of growing fruits and vegetables.
President Ricks displayed a certificate from the NGC that congratulated the Yellow Jessamine Garden Club on purchasing a Blue Star Marker. A program will be held in November to present the Blue Star Marker.
To finish the meeting, a door prize was won by Frances Tyler. President Ricks then adjourned. The next meeting will be held at the home of Cathy McDaniel on Tuesday, October 2 at 6:30pm. The program will be presented by President Mary Ricks on Breast Cancer Awareness.
The Yellow Jessamine Garden Club is a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., South Atlantic Region, The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc., and the Coastal District of the Garden Club of South Carolina.