Stay Out Of Woods

Except the Sovereign One decrees it, the comments I share today in my column will never be considered for a Pulitzer Prize or any other prestigious literary award. However, insignificant or even mediocre it might be to those in the publishing or newspaper world, these comments are invaluable to me and those who will empathize with me through experience as they identify with my ordeal.
For the better part of seven days, I have had to battle some physical challenges and complications that almost totally drained me both of my physical strength and vitality, as well as my mental and literary aptness and creativity.
Most of the people who are quite familiar with me, like my family and close friends, know that I am a compulsive and creative writer. Even before I ever started preaching (over forty years ago), I was already addicted to writing. Nevertheless, during my struggle to recover from the fever, chills, and occasional shaking that I had to experience and endure, I prayed and waited for my breakthrough.
During this season, I temporarily lost my zest and ability to write. The fluency of new and creative ideas, as well as the ability to finish my column was just not there. I tried to make it happen, to summon some deep-rooted strength in the core of my being and will, but the harder I tried, the more I came to accept that nothing was going to release me from the grip of this almost debilitating condition but grace and time.
Having been told by my physician that though all of my vitals registered normal, he wanted me to wait it out. There was nothing that he would prescribe for me, except some over-the-counter Tylenol pills.
This was one of those times when whatever I was battling had to run its course.
There are times in all of our lives when whatever we are going through and whatever has beset us, regardless of its nature, naughtiness, or noxiousness, that only the grace of God and His appointed time of freedom, from what He allowed to assault and apprehend us for a season will, free us. So whatever you are going through, do not be dismayed or discouraged.
Keep fighting against the forces of evil and opposition to the best of your God-given ability. Do not lose heart because the day of your deliverance could be right at hand. Do not quit like so many have done when they were right at the point of finishing the race.
I am into my eighth day of being in the woods and every minute of this day brings about a lessening of the symptoms that had seized me. I can see a glimmer of light in a field of health and vitality, as I am nearing the exit from this thick forest of obstruction and opposition – this jungle that has indeed been a temporary delay to what I have been born and anointed to do.
Truly, I am coming out of the woods and I am coming out wiser and stronger than I ever was. Being in the woods has taught me some valuable lessons that I will long remember.
I will be better, more effective, and productive going forward. Perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned while in the woods is how to stay out of the woods.