Senate Report: Inland Port Dillon

By Senator Kent Williams
On April 16, 2018, Inland Port Dillon will officially be open for business.
The South Carolina Ports Authority broke ground for this facility on May 11, 2017.
Look at what we have accomplished in less than a year! Port Dillon is an investment in, not only, the future of Dillion, Marion and Marlboro counties but to the people as well. Local and state officials along with business leaders worked together to move this community and region towards this shared goal.
South Carolina is experiencing increased cargo flow through its port. Inland ports like Port Greer and Port Dillon are important in handling the movement of containers to and from ocean ports. Cargo containers are transported by train using an existing CSX main line to Inland Port Dillon for further processing and distribution. The South Carolina State Ports authority is now able to increase efficiency and productivity for our business community. This means more jobs and a higher standard of living in this region of the state. The Inland Port Dillon is, also, an investment in higher education. Our technical colleges will train workers to fill the current workflow needs for this facility.
Inland Port Dillon is proof that we can work together through our differences and what separates us to strengthen our economy.
This facility is a testament to the state’s investment in economic development and in South Carolina’s competiveness. This facility represents a move in the right direction for this community and this state.