Bishop Enjoys Goings’ Columns

To The Editor:
My name is Bishop Luckie Bepete from Capetown South Africa. I am visiting Dillon and I came here for an International Leadership Conference hosted by Outreach Family Fellowship where Bishop Michael & Dr. Louise Goings are the senior pastors.
I am an avid reader of The Dillon Herald online with Michael Goings’ columns being my favorite. I have encouraged my friends in Africa, Europe, India and Brazil to follow online print and most are truly inspired.
Bishop Goings has impacted the lives of many people across the world through his writings and mission crusades. I have had the privilege to travel with him on his mission journeys. We have travelled to East, West and Southern Africa, Europe, India and we are getting ready to travel to Brazil and Australia. God has used him to minister to Presidents, Prime Ministers and Mayors in many of these countries. In one of his missionary journeys to Zimbabwe, he was invited to the State House where he ministered and prayed for the former President of the country Mr. Robert Mugabe. This was followed with a visit to the office of the current President Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa, where he prayed and prophesied that he was like the Biblical Joshua to Moses and God would one day elevate him to the highest position in the land. He also met and prayed for the then Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister the late Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai.
In one of his many visits to South Africa, he was hosted by the Nobel Peace Prize awardee Rev. Desmond Tutu, a renowned South African cleric and theologian popularly known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist.
I remember some few years ago on a visit to Zambia, a country that was reeling in debt with the majority of its people living in poverty, how God used Bishop Goings to prophecy to the country. He prophesied that the international lenders like IMF, EU, World Bank, and many others would write off the country’s debt. The prophecy was all over the front pages of the country’s newspapers. Two months later at a Donor’s Conference, the lenders agreed to write off Zambia’s national debt and the news was all over the national TV, Radio and Newspapers.
Truly Bishop Goings is an International Ambassador of The Dillon Herald.
Bishop Luckie Bepete
PO Box 5430
Cape Town.8000
South Africa