Town Of Lake View May 2017 Council Minutes

Town of Lake View Council Meeting
Council Chambers
Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.
Present: Mayor Elvington; Council Members: David Johnson, David Kitchens, Mertis Barnett, Tony Hayes
Also Present: Sara Elvington, Mr. and Mrs. Macio Reaves

1. Mayor Elvington called the meeting to order and had prayer.
2. No minutes from April meeting, as it was a celebration and thank you from and for the outgoing mayor, Boston Page, Jr.
3. Mayor Elvington opened the floor to Mr. and Mrs. Reaves, even though they were not on the agenda.
4. Mr. Reaves is still concerned that the ordinance does not allow him to bring in a mobile/modular home onto his property. His belief is that the even though the modular home is on wheels, he can brick or underpin this and then it will look like a regular house. He believes others have brought mobile homes into the town since the ordinance, the town council cannot confirm this. A copy of the ordinance was given to Mr. Reaves, but he still feels it is not clear to him. Mayor Elvington tried to explain this ordinance to him and our lawyer did confirm that our ordinance does not allow mobile homes in town limits except in a mobile home park.
5. Mr. Reaves also brought up his concern of dogs running loose and the danger they impose.
6. Mr. Reaves wants several streets in town paved, a motel or hotel in town for visitors and bring industry into the old Heritage building.
7. After much discussion, Mr. Reaves still feels the ordinance isn’t clear but did thank the mayor and council for listening and left.
8. Council concerns: Councilman Kitchens says some of the intersections are dangerous, cant’s see beyond parked cars to pull out in a lot of areas, other council members agreed. Also there are bushes/trees at some intersections making it impossible to see to pull out, have to edge out into street to see.
9. Mayor reported to council that the town does have a new mower and with the other mower and weedeaters and gator to travel with the grass is getting cut a lot quicker.
10. Councilman Johnson said some ditches are not draining due to debris in them; we need to contact the county and see what can be done to clean out the ditches. Johnson also said he would contact someone to see about helping to get road signs up. Some new street signs are here and ready to be installed.
11. Mayor says we need a sign at the walking track as to rules and Councilman Hayes said he would take care of this matter.
12. Councilwoman Barnett said some have reported seeing bobcats at the walking track are. Mayor Elvington said he would see about getting traps or something done on this and the animals wandering around town.
13. Mayor Elvington informed council since attorney Lafon Legette has retired that he had spoken with several lawyers and thought he found a good fit for the town. After much discussion, Mayor and council voted unanimously to accept the new lawyer.
14. Mayor Elvington called Executive Session and Councilman Kitchens seconded and all agreed. Working on second reading of the 2018 fiscal year budget.