PHOTO GALLERY: Little Rock Family Day

The Fifth Annual Little Rock, South Carolina Family Day was a great success. 
There was more than 65 Rockers and friends of the Rock present.
The most senior person in the house was Mr. Willie B Livingston (age 84)  of Little Rock. 
People came from all over Waverly, Fla, Washington, DC, and Augusta, Ga, just to name a few locations.  Thanks to Mr. Johnnie Daniels of The Dillon Herald and his staff and Pastor Ricky Gilchrist and his church family for their outstanding support.
The next Little Day celebration will be 02 September 2017, Little Rock. South Carolina. 
The purpose of this event was two-fold. The first is to bring family and friends together and celebrate the history of the Rock.
Also, Mays wants to find ways to improve the appearance and safety of the Rock! Professor Ulysses Wesley Mays M.A. is  Founder/President.

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