Governor-Elect Speaks To Pilot Club

The Pilot Club of Dillon met Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Dillon County Chamber of Commerce.  Twelve members were in attendance. Our guest speaker was Governor-Elect, Vivian Lee from Bennettsville, SC.
The meeting was called to order by President Vicki Simerly. The club recited the pledge to the American Flag and the SC flag.  We thanked our guest speaker, Vivian, for coming. Also, we gave our gratitude to Johnnie Luehrs for allowing the meeting to take place at the Chamber. Our decorating committee; Haley Lynn, Julie Hatcher and Ashley Webster provided beautiful decorations for the tables. The devotion and blessing was given by Chaplain Millie Stanton. The meal was provided by each member of the club. We served butternut squash soup, cranberry pork tenderloin, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, string bean casserole, and corn casserole. For our dessert, cake squares, grape salad and chocolate éclair was served.
After our delicious meal, we opened the meeting to Vivian Lee-Governor Elect. She spoke on how important it is to make “PILOT” a household name. She loves to see clubs that are busy doing service projects and helping others. She spoke on the “Pick Me Up” program and how crucial it is to our communities. She also told us about the upcoming workshops and conferences in 2016, such as the Leadership Workshop in January.
After Vivian’s presentation, the meeting was open for new business. We discussed new and exciting projects for 2016. Our club is also excited about the 2016 PI Annual Convention in Quebec, Canada. Melissa Moody, Secretary, read the minutes from our previous meeting in October. Financial report by Treasurer Francis Shillingburg was then read and approved. St. Jude and the Mystery gift monies were given.
The mystery gift of an embroidered Pilot Club cosmetic pouch was won by Ashley Webster. The meeting was then adjourned as we thanked Vivian again for coming and sharing her knowledge of Pilot with us.

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