Dillon County Technology Center CATE Advisory Council Dinner Meeting Held

The Dillon County Technology Center (CATE) Advisory Council provides a vital link between the education community and business and industry in an advisory capacity only.
The advisory committee stakeholders include school administrators, career and technology education teachers and teachers of applied academic courses, groups such as labor and management, as well as professional trades throughout Dillon County.
Committee members provide an invaluable service to career and technology education programs, and they should be properly utilized and recognized by school officials for these services. The advisory committee can provide advice with regard to such concerns as:
• Current labor needs
• The relevance of programs (whether or not courses offered in CATE are meeting current job needs)
• Job opportunities for students and graduates of CATE programs.
• Placement and school-to career activities and strategies.
• The relationship between job needs and employability skills and competencies such as problem-solving, communication, and mathematics ability.
The CATE advisory committee meetings are used to bring together business and industry, teachers, parents, students, and counselors to collaborate and develop effective career and technology education programs that meet workforce and student needs.

From left to right: Brandford Townsend, (Mohawk Industries), Jerry Bullard, (Mechatronics Instructor, (Dillon County Technology Center), Thomas McRae, (North Eastern Technical College), Jamie King, (Florence Darlington Technical College), Johnny Elrod, (Perdue Farms), and Bradley Joyce, (Wix Filtration). (Contributed Photo)

From left to right: Chris McLeod, (New Millennium Barber Shop), Alanda LeGrand, (Cosmetology Instructor, Dillon County Technology Center/Alanda’s Beauty Salon), Joann Bethea, (Hair in Motion), Claire Mace, (New Creations), Thersa Hough, (The Right Touch). (Contributed Photo)

From left to right: Lori Ann Rogers, Business Education (Latta High School), Rachel Caulder, English Teacher, (Latta High School), Vickie Johnson, Science Teacher, (Latta Middle School), Vickie Kirby, Curriculum Coach, (Latta Elementary School),  Kimberly Jackson, School Counselor (Dillon High School),  Chris German, School Counselor, (Latta High School). Nan Carmichael, School Counselor, (Latta High School). (Contributed Photo)
In the picture above from left to right: Edison Arnette, (Principal, Lake View High School), Jerry Strickland (Director, Dillon County Technology Center), James McRae, (Assistant Chairman Dillon County Board of Education), John Kirby, Ed.D, (Superintendent of Schools, Dillon 3) Robert Abson, Dillon County Board of Education, (Center) Sylvia Griffin, (Dillon County Board of Education). (Contributed Photo)

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