S.C. Campers On Mission Work At Dillon Christian School

By Betsy Finklea
South Carolina Campers on Mission were at Dillon Christian School last week making some improvements at the school.
South Carolina Campers on Mission “seek ways to strengthen their Christian witness and ministry as they camp,” according to their website. “South Carolina Campers on Mission members accept short term mission assignments lasting anywhere from a few days to several months across the United States and Canada. At times, members even do international projects. These projects may include construction work, evangelism, helping with Seafarers Missions, assisting churches in ministering to impoverished areas, assisting with backyard Bible clubs, or just ministering to fellow campers,” the website says. Their motto is “As you go, share Christ!”
John McManus, president, said they do mission projects for any good cause. Their two requirements are that they believe and love the Lord and have a mission-oriented philosophy.
The volunteers are from all over the state. McManus said most of the members are retired, but a few members still have jobs.
The group has two work coordinators who solicit the projects. They do a great deal of work at Camp Pinehill and Ridgecrest. They do whatever is needed and are strictly volunteer.
At Dillon Christian School, the group worked on the Bull Lee Memorial Chapel, which is approximately 15 years old. McManus said when the chapel was built, there was nothing put in to keep the birds out. They remedied that situation. They also refinished the benches in the chapel. They also worked on the landscaping at the school.
Approximately 12-18 volunteers were there depending on the day. Some drove in for the day while others stayed in the area.
They are looking for volunteers. Applications are available on their website, sc-campers-on-mission.com.

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald