VIDEO: Grand Opening Of The Dillon District Four Auditorium

The grand opening of the Dillon District Four Auditorium was held on Monday, August 10th. Dillon District Four teachers were welcomed back to school and those responsible for bringing the auditorium to fruition were recognized at the event. (Video by Betsy Finklea/The Dillon Herald)

By Betsy Finklea
The grand opening of the Dillon District Four auditorium was held on Monday.
The auditorium, located on the campus of Dillon High School, also served as the meeting place for Dillon District Four teachers to welcome them to the new school year which was incorporated into the program.
Prior to the event, the audience was entertained by Joshua Fleetwood, who played the refurbished Baby Grand piano that came from the J.V. Martin auditorium.
The event began with a video of where the district had come from to where they are going.
Dr. Polly Elkins made remarks followed by a prayer by Dr. Louise Goings who spoke of a promise fulfilled and a dream realized.
The DHS Class of 1960 represented by John Henry Williams and Curt McSwain presented a drawing of Dillon High School by Brad Horton to be hung in the building.
Dr. Polly Elkins continued with remarks. This was followed by Dillon County Board of Education Chairman Richard Schafer who said this was a dream come true that had taken a long time coming. He said that the auditorium and all of the school projects had been done with no property tax increase. It was funded by a capital sales tax as a result of a bond referendum in 2007 where 75 percent of the people voted in favor. He said this district was the first in the state to do this for school construction. He said that today was the fruition of the project and program. Schafer recognized numerous people who had contributed to the success of the projects and gave special praise to Rep. Jackie Hayes for his role in the projects.
Superintendent Ray Rogers said this was due to the dream of many people and the hard work to many people. He also gave several special recognitions including Dr. Polly Elkins, Paula Yohe, and Rep. Hayes. He said that the students of Dillon District Four do not live in the Corridor of Shame anymore. He said the people of this county said “enough.”
In the booth at the event were Donna Lane and Danielle Cook. They were recognized by Dr. Elkins.

Joshua Fleetwood plays the refurbished baby grand piano prior to the start of the program. (Photo by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald)