DAR Holds First Meeting Of New Year

By Jewell Carmichael
The Rebecca Pickens Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution held its first meeting of the new year 2014-2015 at the Wellness Center on 9 September, with  thirteen members present.

The group included Rena Lou Alford, Rosemary Bethea, Nancy Brigman, Lee Ann Calhoun, Jewell Carmichael, Chris Harris, Polly McIntyre, Julia A. Mclaurin, Jane McNiel, Sally McSwain, Fay McLellan, Joan Rocha nd Patricia Green Townsend.
Following the DAR Ritual led by Regent Rosemary Bethea, The preamble and first amendment to the constitution  were read in unison and the group rang their individual bells in observance of Constitution Week.
In announcing Nancy Brigman as the representative for the DAR Good Citizenship Competition, she urged  that students from the Dillon Christian, Dillon High, Lake View, Latta High and home- schooled students  be encouraged to enter the competition.  She then recognized committee chairmen who gave their reports.
Good news came when she announced the club had received two awards: The Outstanding Achievement Award  and The Celebrate America  Committee Serving Its Community Award  in June 2014. An invitation to the SCDAR Constitution Week Commemoration at Myrtle Beach was read.
After business was taken care of Joan Rocha, program chair, was presented. Her interesting presentation on “The Constitution” was well received.  Hostess Lee Ann Calhoun, Jane McNiel and Joan Rocha were thanked and the meeting was adjoutned.