James Stephens III Starring In Faith-Based Film

Actor, comedian impressionist James Stephens III will star in a faith-based movie entitled “Undying Faith” to be filmed in South Dakota this summer. Stephens a resident of Dillon County was casted earlier this year.

Although James has starred on TV shows and performed around the world, he is very enthusiastic about this film because it is a Christian film.
The movie has national distribution and once released can be viewed on cable as well as the Trinity Broadcast Network [TBN] and other networks around the country.
James will be home on Saturday, September 13th to perform at Brandi’s Banquet Hall for a fundraiser. James is the son of Andrew and Irene Stephens from Gaddys Mill, SC.
To find out more about the movie go to: www.undyingfaith.com. James plays the serious dramatic role of Mr. Fenton.

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