Rev. Lyn Anderson Installed As Pastor Of Lake View First Baptist Church

By Betsy Finklea
Rev. Lyn Anderson was installed as the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Lake View on Sunday, August 24th.
The installation was part of the morning worship service. Tony Britt, chairman of the pulpit committee, gave the call for installation. Pastor Adrienne Anderson of Fork Presbyterian Church, the wife of Rev. Anderson, conducted the installation. Len Mann, the family representative for the Andersons, gave the installation prayer.
The sermon by Pastor Adrienne Anderson focused on the installation and the challenges she made to Rev. Lyn Anderson and the congregation.
 Pastor Anderson said it was an “exciting day.” She said Rev. Anderson and the congregation were beginning a partnership, and she encouraged the congregation to focus on the new and the changes yet to come. She said this was “a new chapter in the ministry of First Baptist Church.”
Pastor Anderson challenged Rev. Anderson to stay close to the scriptures; to nurture himself spiritually; to remember that even though he is the pastor to remember that we are all spiritually equal; to remember that he is a servant – ready, willing, and able to do as Christ calls him; and to remember that they are all in this together.
Pastor Anderson then charged the congregation. She said they must expect change in their lives and the life of this church. “You are called together,” she said.
Pastor Anderson told the congregation that they must honor their pastor’s ministry. She said they called Rev. Anderson to be their leader, and they should let him lead. She said the congregation should pray for him every day, give him words of encouragement, and be honest with their support.
 “God has work for all of you to do together,” she said.
Rev. Lyn Anderson said he was very honored, humbled, and proud to be their pastor.
After the service was concluded, lunch was served, and those in attendance had the opportunity to welcome Rev. Anderson as the pastor of the church.

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